I Used Credit Cards to Increase My Credit Score to 825

Over the past ≈10 years, I’ve worked hard to improve my credit. After messing it up in college, I did almost everything I could to increase my score over time.

I opened the right types of credit cards and loans. I paid every card off in full every month, never paying a penny of interest. I never had a late payment on a loan.

I never closed my oldest card, I kept increasing my cards’ limits. I monitored my credit report and did everything I could to limit the possibilities of identify theft.

I studied diligently and learned that credit cards are powerful and highly beneficial if used correctly. Not only did they help improve my credit, but they also have given us free flights to Hawaii (twice), Atlanta (at least 3x), Savannah, San Francisco, Denver (2x), and more. They’ve given us countless free nights at hotels and huge discounts on rental cars.

If used properly, credit cards can change your life for the better. They can improve your credit score which, in turn, can help you buy a car or house or jet ski. I’ve already mentioned travel perks, but some cards also give you extended warranties on things you buy, purchase protection, rental car insurance, cash back, car rental upgrades, priority boarding, and much more.

I pay $1,000 in membership fees on high end credit cards every year. At first glance that seems like a lot, but throughout the year these cards save me multiple thousands. And that doesn’t even consider the credit score improvement.

What made me write this post today? My credit score just passed 825 (out of 850). I am very proud of what my wife and I have done to get to this point!

If you want to know more about this (or want me to suggest a card or gameplan), let me know. I’d love to help in any way I can. I don’t get paid for it, I’m not sponsored, and I’m not seeking shoutouts. I’d just like to help.

Matt Langford @Mtt

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